We’re a family-run jewellers specialising in design-led, fine jewellery. Kirsty and Hattie make jewellery in the Jewellery Workshop at the Sloop Craft Market; a heritage high-quality craft site that was built over 50 years ago for skilled craftspeople.


Kirsty is an award-winning, fully trained and qualified jeweller. She studied Jewellery and Silversmithing for 5 years at the Birmingham School of Jewellery in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter. She has worked within the industry for commercial manufacturers and
has a good reputation as a skilled designer and maker. Kirsty has studied a range of techniques; traditional and new and can offer her skills in designing and making unique pieces, remodelling old jewellery. You can also buy her
collections online and in her store which Raymond her Husband runs.


Raymond trained as a graphic designer at the same time Kirsty was studying in Birmingham. Kirsty managed to drag him back to Cornwall and since then he has thrown himself into the Cornish way of life. He has studied the Cornish Language for 4 years which is why Kirsty’s collections are in Kernewek. He is also, the St Ives town mace barer so if you are lucky you may see him during traditional St Ives Town parades displaying his wide, infectious smile.


Hattie is Kirsty’s surfer-girl younger sister. She has been an apprentice jeweller for 2 years and has a natural talent for the arts and attention to detail that is second to none. She is a surf and SUP board instructor too so you will find her on Porthmeor beach teaching in rain or shine. She reminds us to stay healthy daily, encouraging us to run on the spot if we're cold and have a dip in the sea if we're glum. Watch out if Hattie’s about.