Gold Plating

Is your favourite piece of jewellery losing its lustre? Would you like to see it restored to its former brilliance?

At Kirsty Bridgewater, we offer a gold plating service in St Ives, Cornwall, to rejuvenate your cherished pieces.

Our service is ideal for refreshing your jewellery collection. Whether it's a necklace, bracelet, or a pair of earrings, we will carefully restore your pieces to their original splendour.Why choose our gold plating service?

Expertise: We handle your jewellery with great care and precision.Quality: We use only the finest materials and techniques to ensure a flawless gold finish, making your pieces look as good as new.

Convenience: Located in St Ives, Cornwall, you can easily drop off and collect your jewellery without the hassle of sending it away.

Personalised Service: We understand the unique value of each piece and work closely with you to ensure the gold plating meets your expectations.


The process is simple:

Bring your jewellery to our store in St Ives.We will assess your pieces and provide a quote for the gold plating service.

Upon approval, we will start the process, including cleaning and preparing your jewellery before applying a high-quality gold layer.After a final inspection, your rejuvenated jewellery will be ready for collection.

Don't let your jewellery lose its sparkle. Visit Kirsty Bridgewater in St Ives, Cornwall, to take advantage of our gold plating service and bring your treasured pieces back to their full glory.