Diamond Engagement Ring

Vicki and her lovely partner visited me recently with a request to make her engagement ring. She knew she wanted something simple, classic and robust enough to suit her practical lifestyle. I showed Vicki a selection of our sample engagement rings to get ideas flowing and she decided that a super strong diamond (yes, gemstones have a mohs scale and good quality diamonds score the highest at 10) housed in a rub-over setting would be a sensible choice considering her love for everyday physical activity. 

Vicki loved the simplicity of the ring below but, for her, the setting was too high.


So,  I redesigned the ring above with a lower setting (below)




I gave Vicki the choice of 3 diamonds ranging in quality and price (yes, not all diamonds are the same quality and cut). She chose a beautiful, ethically sourced and certificated Vs2 diamond. A TRULY beautiful, sparkling stone which we all fell in love with. 


With the bling chosen and the ring designed - its time to go for it and make it in Vicki's preferred precious metal: 18ct white gold (a warmer toned white metal). 

Time to set..

Once made it's time to set the stone.


 Time to polish...

Here is the finished piece sitting alongside a bespoke fitted wedding ring.

I loved making this beauty and I'm pleased to say the bride to be was wonderfully happy with the result.

Best part of my job is seeing joyful clients.

Who wouldn't be happy with a proposal on the island in St Ives overlooking a beautiful Mother Meor?

Porthmeor Beach in St Ives, Cornwall: The perfect back drop for a proposal.

I think Vicki might be crying with Joy (my heart is full).

Wishing the loveliest couple THE happiest wedding day and future together.